Hulking Process

One of my kinfolk is gearing up to do an illustration of the HULK over at his blog, SOMETIME THIS CENTURY, and I wanted to jump in on the fun, so… I got to doodling Bruce Banner’s monstrous alter-ego, as well!

Hulk smash puny artist!

I’ve really been thinking about process these past couple of days, and thought I’d post this drawing as it looks in black and white. Although I plan on coloring this piece digitally, I really am a sucker for black and white. There’s just nothing like crisp brush strokes on some smooth paper!

Also, in mulling over the HULK’s visual appearance, I really wanted to stick with how JACK KIRBY envisioned him. There’s just somethin’ about JACK’s early drawings of the HULK… Nowadays, I guess people like the overly muscular look for the green behemoth, but I love that soft, clunky brutish look JACK drew.

Plus, KIRBY’s HULK had HAIR ON HIS ARMS! How could a big, green raging monster bursting with Gamma-powered testosterone NOT have hair on his body! That’s the kind of detail only “THE KING” could produce – somethin’ I don’t see on the HULK now!

It’s KIRBY’s cover to the issue where the FANTASTIC FOUR meet the HULK  for the first time that really inspired me.

Stay tuned for the color version!

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The Final Frontier (Part 4)

There’s no doubt that Picard’s Enterprise runs the gamut of finding trouble. Heck, if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be a show…

Luckily, the ship’s got GEORDI LA FORGE to solve all sorts of cosmic mysteries! He’s calm, collected, and always manages to find an answer in the nick of time. Guy recites techno-jargon with smooth aplomb.

Time to hail the Chief… Engineering Officer!

Even works on Holodeck babes!

Nerdiness has never been so cool. Eat your heart out WESLEY CRUSHER!

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The Final Frontier (Part 3)

If you’re rolling down a very bad inter-galactic neighborhood, you better make damn sure you’re packing heat — preferably the Klingon, Chief of Security kind!

Without further ado, here’s… WORF!

Ridge Toot!

I’m pretty sure this guy’s space wallet says “BAD MOTHER FUCKER” on it.

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View from the Balcony

Take a gander up top and you’ll notice some of the buildings that scrape CHAZ-F-STAN’s blue skies.

Only the finest Eastern-Bloc architects were hired to realize this national triumph in tower block housing. At night, you’d be hard-pressed distinguishing the incandescent light the apartment’s emanate from a star’s tender glow. These really are some modern marvels!

Thought I’d share a full view of the skyline.

Fill them lungs up with a big helping of clean air and take in the sight! Might do you some good!



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Presidential Portrait


WordPress, here, has a funny way of calling the image used to indicate a blog’s author a “GRAVATAR.” I’m not entirely sure why that is exactly (UPDATE: I looked it up!), but I like to think it has something to do with avoiding confusion with James Cameron’s CGI shit-storm of Smurfs, AVATAR.

In any case, in thinking about a powerful image to convey my stateliness, I stumbled upon a little gem my older brother left behind for me. You see, my brother has a funny view on how I see the world, that, ultimately, comprises who I am pretty succinctly!

I could think of no better image:

Portrait of the author as a young man.

So, I decided to re-draw what my brother did and give it my own spin:

Dimple / Chin Combo to the MAX!

Look to the right of the page, and you’ll see my sweet face tenderly watching over you like any proud poppa would.

Remember: My ruling style is as simple as soothing bactine — GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE!

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The Final Frontier (Part 2)

Some more Next Gen sweetness?

HELL to the YEAH!

The way I see it, you can’t have a starship without a First Officer; and by that same token, you can’t have a Galaxy Class USS Enterprise (NCC – 1701 – D) without WILL RIKER!

Here’s a soothing pic of that jazz playing, ladies-man to calm the nerves!

A fine beard, sir. A VERY fine beard!

I, too, was fresh-faced for a while, and now I’m sporting a beard as an act of solidarity.

Right on, brother! Right on!

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The Final Frontier (Part 1)

I love me some Star Trek.

I used to hate it, but now I can’t get enough of it – especially when it’s played late at night. I used to catch the Original Series a while back around 3 in the morning, until it was taken off the air. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of it, so I won’t claim myself to be a die-hard fan, but I have seen it.

Since then, the TV’s been airing Star Trek: The Next Generation late at night now, as well, and I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT! I even like the real cheesy episodes that make me squirm in embarrassment when I watch it. In celebration of Picard’s Enterprise, here’s the first in some amusing drawing’s of the crew, starting with the main man, himself:


Yeah, he smells it, you Klingon bastard...

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