The Final Frontier (Part 2)

Some more Next Gen sweetness?

HELL to the YEAH!

The way I see it, you can’t have a starship without a First Officer; and by that same token, you can’t have a Galaxy Class USS Enterprise (NCC – 1701 – D) without WILL RIKER!

Here’s a soothing pic of that jazz playing, ladies-man to calm the nerves!

A fine beard, sir. A VERY fine beard!

I, too, was fresh-faced for a while, and now I’m sporting a beard as an act of solidarity.

Right on, brother! Right on!

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2 Responses to The Final Frontier (Part 2)

  1. smallsketch says:

    Facial hair is bad for the summer! It collects otherworldly odors. Nice drawings. Did you draw them in PS?

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