Presidential Portrait


WordPress, here, has a funny way of calling the image used to indicate a blog’s author a “GRAVATAR.” I’m not entirely sure why that is exactly (UPDATE: I looked it up!), but I like to think it has something to do with avoiding confusion with James Cameron’s CGI shit-storm of Smurfs, AVATAR.

In any case, in thinking about a powerful image to convey my stateliness, I stumbled upon a little gem my older brother left behind for me. You see, my brother has a funny view on how I see the world, that, ultimately, comprises who I am pretty succinctly!

I could think of no better image:

Portrait of the author as a young man.

So, I decided to re-draw what my brother did and give it my own spin:

Dimple / Chin Combo to the MAX!

Look to the right of the page, and you’ll see my sweet face tenderly watching over you like any proud poppa would.

Remember: My ruling style is as simple as soothing bactine — GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE!

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2 Responses to Presidential Portrait

  1. Jon Small says:

    Very nice post, sir! I can learn a lot from this one.

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