Hulking Process

One of my kinfolk is gearing up to do an illustration of the HULK over at his blog, SOMETIME THIS CENTURY, and I wanted to jump in on the fun, so… I got to doodling Bruce Banner’s monstrous alter-ego, as well!

Hulk smash puny artist!

I’ve really been thinking about process these past couple of days, and thought I’d post this drawing as it looks in black and white. Although I plan on coloring this piece digitally, I really am a sucker for black and white. There’s just nothing like crisp brush strokes on some smooth paper!

Also, in mulling over the HULK’s visual appearance, I really wanted to stick with how JACK KIRBY envisioned him. There’s just somethin’ about JACK’s early drawings of the HULK… Nowadays, I guess people like the overly muscular look for the green behemoth, but I love that soft, clunky brutish look JACK drew.

Plus, KIRBY’s HULK had HAIR ON HIS ARMS! How could a big, green raging monster bursting with Gamma-powered testosterone NOT have hair on his body! That’s the kind of detail only “THE KING” could produce – somethin’ I don’t see on the HULK now!

It’s KIRBY’s cover to the issue where the FANTASTIC FOUR meet the HULK  for the first time that really inspired me.

Stay tuned for the color version!

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5 Responses to Hulking Process

  1. Jon Small says:

    Yes, the black and white DOES have a unique quality. It must be that high contrast. The high contrast which illustrates the immense differences between Dr. Banner and his alter ego, even FURTHER emphasizing the cruelty of humanity as it is transformed into a monster! Stay away from those Gamma rays, kids! Don’t lose that contrast now!

  2. Abel F. says:

    September 10th? We’re in December now. Post some shit ASAP!

  3. Jon Small says:

    delete the previous comment as well as this one please!

  4. Jon Small says:

    I was practicing digital coloring in Photoshop and decided to use your ROARING image here. I made a short tutorial about it over at my site. Check it out:

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